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University of British Columbia - Vancouver Campus
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University of British Columbia

Students, Faculty,
Staff, Alumni, or anyone that's interested
are welcome to join. When you do, please tell us a little bit about yourself!

After requests to have this USER INFO updated because of numerous user spamming other members pages with irrelevant posts, we will delete posts. SO PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.

Post about:

- textbook trade (pls refrain from posting multiple times a day for a single text)
- general admission
- general courses
- campus events
- housing info
- academic info
- parking info
- extra-curricular (on-campus)

Please do not flood the community with your personal life entries. Just because you attend(ed) UBC does not mean all ur postings are relevant to the community. This community is for general info and not to solve your personal problems (talk to an actual Advisor for that)!

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Anything non-campus related or offensive will be removed.

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