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You know that $2.5mil saved by disallowing credit cards? They're rebuilding Sauder with it.

I *just* read this in the Cavalier and talked to the AMS President about it.

Here's the quick scoop. As you (hopefully) know the Sauder School of Business building is due for a revamp.. including a "multi-coloured facade and TV screen". The cost? $12.5 million dollars. Originally this display of standard MBA 'class' was supposed to be financed by charging each Sauder undergrad $500/yr.

Of course, in all its infinite wisdom the B.C. government, specifically the B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education announced that they would not approve the $500 levy on busines undergrads.

I think you know what's coming now. UBC was obviously unprepared for the decision (Pres. goes "I was surprised.." - ugh).

The $2.5 million dollars that we were supposed to use to pay off debt and maybe improve services for ALL students by not letting us use credit cards to pay for tuition was put to build a TV screen on top of fucking Sauder - more accurately towards the General Purposes Fund (which is already in debt).

Want to know why the $500 Sauder levy was not approved? ..wait for it. Because they fucking asked SAUDER STUDENTS if they wanted to pay it! Surprise: 75% voted 'NO'.

Ironically the reason they stopped accepting CC payments was to get the General Purp Fund out of debt. Now it's in even more debt.

We need to do something and we need to do something now - because if "my" $2.5 million is going to a select group of students there is something SERIOUSLY wrong.

Guys please - there is an AMS council meeting tomorrow (I think please check) and we need to voice ourselves because this is ridiculous.
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