Don't waste time or time will waste you (phyxius) wrote in ubc,
Don't waste time or time will waste you

I just received this anonymous comment in an old post about the film program:

Hello, DO not apply. The program has way too many problems. Also, they give you no help after you graduate. Ask them what most of their graduates are doing: Working at Safeway. Ask them about internships:None. You have to do that all by yourself and when you do go after jobs and internships, UBC has a really bad reputation for graduating ignorant students who were taught film the wrong way. The former head of the program: Chris Gallagher is notoriuos for sexually harassing his students, he has even had a few law suits against him. They hired him and he only has a BA. Most of the faculty that teach you film/video are not educated, they only have BAs or Masters Degrees, the only person in production who has a Dr. is Sharan McGowan, but shes never made a credable movie that was successful. (financially successful.) Research for yourself, go on the site and lookup the faculty, they haven't done anything profound for the Film Industry in Canada. All the successful people are working, all the failures are teaching at UBC. GO to an American School and you will get a job. Stay at UBC Film and work at safeway. Ask any of the fourth years what color temperature a tungsten light burns at. They won't know, and they should. The faculty and administration just don't care. They barely do their jobs and come to class (ifthey come to class)unprepared. Talk to anyone in the program, it is bad news and a waste.

Can anyone give me their opinion? Anyone in the film program: can I talk to you about this? Because if I were to take this advice seriously, it would seroiusly fuck up my entire four years here, which I'm almost halfway through with, and I need more than an anonymous tip to base it on. But if it is worth listening to, I have more questions (including - is this about the film production or film studies or both?)
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