Andrew Lee (Andrew Lee) wrote in ubc,
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee

UBC: Should I take POLI 101 or 240 in the summer?

So, I can take either POLI 101 or 240 during the year, then take the one I don't take in the year during the summer. I'm thinking of taking 101 during the year and 240 in the summer right now , but will that be too intense? Should I go the other way around?

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Since no one answered you, I will! I personally think that 100-level courses can often be tougher than upper-level ones just because there is a lot of rote memorization, and a ton of people in them. Summer classes also tend to be easier. So if I was deciding for myself I would do 240 now and 101 in the summer.

That being said, I never took either course! So take the advice with a grain of salt.
Thank you for your reply, I will keep your advice in mind!