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Failed year ...

Hi ...

So, let's get straight to the point. I'm in UBC science chemistry major. I ended up with a terrible average this year, just short of the 50% required to be put in academic probation and now I'm going to fail. I've already seen my advisor several times, the first time in January after I found out about my terrible marks in my first term. At the time, I thought my problems were purely academic (e.g. the course material was too hard for me), but it turns out I had a lot of personal problems (as an example, I did very well in the lab portions of all my courses, but failed so many of my midterms and exams). I'm an international student and this was my first time living completely alone (last year I was in Totem Park), lost all my friends (who either transferred to other unis, dropped out or other), had trouble making new friends and pretty much suffered bouts of minor depression throughout the year and lost all motivation to study and ability to focus because of these things. I would go days without speaking to anyone, even my parents. I knew I had problems that were not academic in nature before my exams this April, and I visited UBC Counseling Services afterwards to discuss my problems. For the past few weeks, I think I've slowly taken steps to better myself, reconnecting with friends, joining a UBC club to meet new people and overall try to fix the problems that were plaguing me. The UBC counselor and my advisor has also given me plenty of resources to turn to in case something like this happens again.

Eventually, I'll get an e-mail from UBC requiring me to withdraw, but I'll get a chance to appeal the failed year and be put on academic probation next year. I just want to ask for your opinions and experiences on this? What are the chances of them accepting my appeal and placing me into academic probation next year instead of failing me? In my previous year I had a solid above 70% average, which drastically dropped to below 50% this year. Would they take that into account? I even received the Chancellor's Scholar designation when they accepted me from high school. I think this proves that I can sufficiently perform at the university level, but there's still a chance they won't accept my appeal, right? I can't afford taking a year off because my study permit expires in 2017, which is just enough time for me to graduate if I get a second chance next year. I really want to stay in UBC and I think I'll do really well if I get a second chance. :(
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