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Transferring to the science faculty

Hi there,

I will be finishing my first year at Sauder when (if) I ever pass Math 101. Unfortunately, I think I just got myself temporarily kicked out of my faculty. What faculty am I in then? Fortunately however, I was planning to transfer faculties anyways. I read somewhere that you aren't allowed to transfer if you get kicked out of your current faculty. Is this true? If I pass Math 101 (calculus is the bane of my existence), will I then be allowed to transfer? Do I have to meet my faculty's academic requirements before I can?

Some more details: I'm currently in the Combined Major Business and Computer Science program, but I want to focus more on Computer Sci. so I'm trying to transfer to the Science faculty. What other courses do I need to take? I asked the Science advising people, and she said that I needed to finish my Math 101, as well as 1 PHYS, 1 CHEM or PHYS, and 1 BIOL (since I didn't take Biology in high school). She also said that if I wanted to make the deadline to transfer into 3rd year Sciences for 2014, all I had to do was complete those extra courses, as well as 60% (I think she said) of the 2nd year Science courses. Can someone please link me to the courses I have to take? Anything else I should be aware of?

Anyone in my situation? Anyone who WAS in my situation, but continued on successfully? Advice?

But anyways... Thanks :) I appreciate all advice/comments (if any).
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