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Catching up with ECON 101 and ASTU 150?

Hey guys,

I'm a first year international student in UBC Arts. At first I register for some courses ( included Arts One ). I got kicked out of Arts One due to insufficient writing skills :-< So I thought I should be going to UBC Lang Institute, and I dropped out of all the remaining courses ( because ELI courses are full time ).

After taking test at ELI, they said my English is higher than what they are going to teach, and it will do me no good :( Somehow I managed to register for ECON 101 and ASTU 101, but it's already 2 weeks past.

Been surfing through the journal and found out ECON 101 is not quite easy for almost everyone ( let alone me, being 2 weeks late )

So first, I just want to ask if I would be able to catch up and pass it? Will it be hard? And any suggestions?

Secondly, if I am to drop ECON 101, can I drop now? It's already 18th, so am I able to drop and get my fee back? They said the deadline is 18th, so I'm wondering if it is AFTER 18TH or it's already passed?

FYI I live 1-2 hours from campus ( travel time varies due to rush hours :P ).

Looking forward to answers :-<

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