celdazero (celdazero) wrote in ubc,

Table tennis anyone?

Hey all. I'm a fan of table tennis, and I really enjoy playing it. Last year, I got into the UBC Table Tennis club and was a regular at their drop-in sessions. This year, I wanted to join again, but I found that their playing sessions (at least for Term 1) are Mondays and Thursdays only.

I work two days a week. These days are—you guessed it—Monday and Thursday. Unfortunately, there's no way I can re-arrange my schedule, as it's not shift work (I work for The Ubyssey, so the production schedule is fixed).

I haven't played since last April, and I'm really missing it. I'm looking for people to play with, on days other than Mon. and Thurs. I believe Gage (possibly other places) has free tables, correct me if I'm wrong? I'm a decent player, not beginner, but definitely not pro either. I'm probably also a little rusty, but I will pick up my skill fast.

Ddrop me a message if you're interested!

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