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University of British Columbia - Vancouver Campus' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
University of British Columbia - Vancouver Campus

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UBC: Should I take POLI 101 or 240 in the summer? [30 Nov 2014|10:07pm]

So, I can take either POLI 101 or 240 during the year, then take the one I don't take in the year during the summer. I'm thinking of taking 101 during the year and 240 in the summer right now , but will that be too intense? Should I go the other way around?

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Failed year ... [19 May 2014|07:42pm]
Hi ...

So, let's get straight to the point. I'm in UBC science chemistry major. I ended up with a terrible average this year, just short of the 50% required to be put in academic probation and now I'm going to fail. I've already seen my advisor several times, the first time in January after I found out about my terrible marks in my first term. At the time, I thought my problems were purely academic (e.g. the course material was too hard for me), but it turns out I had a lot of personal problems (as an example, I did very well in the lab portions of all my courses, but failed so many of my midterms and exams). I'm an international student and this was my first time living completely alone (last year I was in Totem Park), lost all my friends (who either transferred to other unis, dropped out or other), had trouble making new friends and pretty much suffered bouts of minor depression throughout the year and lost all motivation to study and ability to focus because of these things. I would go days without speaking to anyone, even my parents. I knew I had problems that were not academic in nature before my exams this April, and I visited UBC Counseling Services afterwards to discuss my problems. For the past few weeks, I think I've slowly taken steps to better myself, reconnecting with friends, joining a UBC club to meet new people and overall try to fix the problems that were plaguing me. The UBC counselor and my advisor has also given me plenty of resources to turn to in case something like this happens again.

Eventually, I'll get an e-mail from UBC requiring me to withdraw, but I'll get a chance to appeal the failed year and be put on academic probation next year. I just want to ask for your opinions and experiences on this? What are the chances of them accepting my appeal and placing me into academic probation next year instead of failing me? In my previous year I had a solid above 70% average, which drastically dropped to below 50% this year. Would they take that into account? I even received the Chancellor's Scholar designation when they accepted me from high school. I think this proves that I can sufficiently perform at the university level, but there's still a chance they won't accept my appeal, right? I can't afford taking a year off because my study permit expires in 2017, which is just enough time for me to graduate if I get a second chance next year. I really want to stay in UBC and I think I'll do really well if I get a second chance. :(
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Transferring to the science faculty [29 May 2013|03:48pm]

Hi there,

I will be finishing my first year at Sauder when (if) I ever pass Math 101. Unfortunately, I think I just got myself temporarily kicked out of my faculty. What faculty am I in then? Fortunately however, I was planning to transfer faculties anyways. I read somewhere that you aren't allowed to transfer if you get kicked out of your current faculty. Is this true? If I pass Math 101 (calculus is the bane of my existence), will I then be allowed to transfer? Do I have to meet my faculty's academic requirements before I can?

Some more details: I'm currently in the Combined Major Business and Computer Science program, but I want to focus more on Computer Sci. so I'm trying to transfer to the Science faculty. What other courses do I need to take? I asked the Science advising people, and she said that I needed to finish my Math 101, as well as 1 PHYS, 1 CHEM or PHYS, and 1 BIOL (since I didn't take Biology in high school). She also said that if I wanted to make the deadline to transfer into 3rd year Sciences for 2014, all I had to do was complete those extra courses, as well as 60% (I think she said) of the 2nd year Science courses. Can someone please link me to the courses I have to take? Anything else I should be aware of?

Anyone in my situation? Anyone who WAS in my situation, but continued on successfully? Advice?

But anyways... Thanks :) I appreciate all advice/comments (if any).
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Biochemistry organic chemistry courses [29 Apr 2013|10:50am]

Hello ubc community!
I am going to apply for biochemistry in this June. However, I have a question regarding the work load and difficulty of the organic chemistry courses offered by biochemistry.In fact, I have a second choice for my major, which is Microbiology. I have compared the organic chem courses offered by Microbio with those offered by biochem, but I'd like to receive some of your advice. Could someone help me point out what is the difference between CHEM 203, CHEM 213 AND CHEM 233? Is CHEM 203 AND CHEM 213 deal with more mechanistic analyses? Thank you in advance!

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Regarding Readmission of Applied Science. [25 Mar 2013|03:27am]

I got a failed year at applied science, so I am studying at Langara right now.
I do not know people who is same position as me.
I am worrying that I might not get accepted.
If anyone had same situation as me and got accepted to UBC 2nd year applied science please answer some questions.
With what average of GPA approximately did you get into UBC.
When does the final accepted offer come?
How many credits did you take to apply readmission?

Thank you.
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Psychology 309A vs psychology 321 in summer 2013 [05 Mar 2013|08:05pm]

anyone of you taking psychology 309A with micheal souza?
To those who have taken this course, anyone wanna sell me their notes ?

Anyone of you have heard of environmental psychology (Psych 321) with Kevin Hamilton in ubc before?
It is a 6 credit course, but I can't find much feedback to it. Is it a new course?

I am debating on taking which one of these to fullfil my cognitive psychology requirement.
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Attention: If you took out a Canada Student Loan between 2000 and 2006... [22 Jan 2013|04:37pm]

(Sorry for the cross-posting, but this is important. I'm one of the people affected and only found out today after calling the hotline.)

From this page:

Please be advised that an electronic storage device, also known as an external portable hard drive, containing personal information on 583,000 Canada Student Loan borrowers who were clients of the Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP) from 2000-2006 has been lost from an HRSDC office in Gatineau, Quebec.

While there is no evidence at this time that any of the information has been accessed or used for fraudulent purposes, this incident is being taken very seriously and the Office of the Minister has engaged the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Extensive and thorough search efforts have been undertaken and continue.

The external portable hard drive included:
  • personal information on 583,000 Canada Student Loan borrowers who were clients of the CSLP from 2000-2006. Student loan borrowers from the province of Quebec, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories during the same time period are not affected;
  • Student names, Social Insurance Numbers, dates of birth, contact information and loan balance of Canada Student Loan borrowers;
  • Personal contact information of 250 HRSDC employees;
  • No banking or medical information was included on the portable hard drive.

HRSDC is sending letters to individuals affected, for whom we have current contact information, to advise them of the incident and what steps to take to help protect their personal information.

A toll-free number has been set-up at 1-866-885-1866 (or 1-416-572-1113 for those outside of North America) for individuals to verify if they are affected by this incident, and to ask additional questions regarding this issue. Hours of operation will be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.EST, 7 days a week, starting Monday, January 14, 2013, for as long as needed.

People with a hearing or speech impairment and using a teletypewriter (TTY) can call 1-800-263-5883. This toll-free number will also be operational 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.EST.
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Work Study/Learn Library Jobs? [30 Dec 2012|05:48pm]

Asking this for a friend of mine currently at UBC. When I was there myself, I remember there were some pretty good library jobs (10 hours a week, good pay, flexible) under this program. Is this still going on? Were all the jobs filled in September for the whole year? There are barely any on there right now and no library jobs. Thanks.
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Warning about Blue Chip [23 Dec 2012|05:52am]

Someone spilled some coffee on the counter. There was an open pitcher of milk there and the girl cleaning the counter was spraying a bleach solution right next to the milk! I made a comment and she rolled her eyes at me!!
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Trouble of changing specialization [24 Nov 2012|05:15pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I am now a third year ECON student in UBC. I added Major Math as my second major before. But i want to change it to minor math, the UBC website says "You are no longer able to add or change your specializations." when i want to change specialization. Is it possible to change that by person in office?
thanks guys. i appreciate your help~!!

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Biol 335/chem 233/123/121 [12 Nov 2012|04:38pm]

Does anyone have course outlines for these courses. I m transferring school and they need them to accept my ubc credits.
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Lost scarf [08 Nov 2012|08:37pm]

Long shot, but: did anyone find a long cream scarf in Buchanan D today? Probably in D219? I've emailed my prof and I'm going to lost and found tomorrow, but I thought I'd try my luck here, too.
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About W standing! [20 Sep 2012|12:51pm]
HI, I am the first year international student of ART faculty. Yesterday,  I dropped my BIOL121 after the drop/add deadline, and it showed a W on my standing in my grades, I really concern whether it will affect my academic performance and my graduate application in the future. In addition, I want to change me faculty into commerce in second year,so whether this W standing will also affect me to change my faculty ? Can you give me some suggestions?  and  in only have ONE W by now, and I think I won't get one more W, because I won't do this stupid mistakes again!
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Catching up with ECON 101 and ASTU 150? [18 Sep 2012|12:05pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Hey guys,

I'm a first year international student in UBC Arts. At first I register for some courses ( included Arts One ). I got kicked out of Arts One due to insufficient writing skills :-< So I thought I should be going to UBC Lang Institute, and I dropped out of all the remaining courses ( because ELI courses are full time ).

After taking test at ELI, they said my English is higher than what they are going to teach, and it will do me no good :( Somehow I managed to register for ECON 101 and ASTU 101, but it's already 2 weeks past.

Been surfing through the journal and found out ECON 101 is not quite easy for almost everyone ( let alone me, being 2 weeks late )

So first, I just want to ask if I would be able to catch up and pass it? Will it be hard? And any suggestions?

Secondly, if I am to drop ECON 101, can I drop now? It's already 18th, so am I able to drop and get my fee back? They said the deadline is 18th, so I'm wondering if it is AFTER 18TH or it's already passed?

FYI I live 1-2 hours from campus ( travel time varies due to rush hours :P ).

Looking forward to answers :-<

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EOSC 314 without a textbook? [12 Sep 2012|05:55pm]

I'm taking EOSC 314 with Michael Lipsen this term for my science credits. There is a textbook assigned, but naturally I'd prefer not to spend $100+ on a textbook unrelated to my main interests that I'll probably not read again. Dr. Lipsen himself says the exams are based solely on things covered in class but that doing the readings is helpful. 

All those variables given, can anybody here who has taken the course (ideally with Dr. Lipsen) help me decide whether to purchase the textbook or not?

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PHIL courses without finals [09 Sep 2012|02:55pm]
I love taking philosophy courses, but I've always hated the finals for them. They're tedious and generally unconnected to the spirit of the course. Does anyone know of phil courses without fianls? I'd much prefer the evaluations to be eassay or discussion based.
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POLI 101 question [27 Aug 2012|03:51pm]

Does anyone know what the differences between the 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions of The Canadian Regime is? The 5th edition is required for POLI 101, but I read somewhere that they're basically the same, and the 3rd edition is much cheaper online. Is it mostly the pagination?
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Daniel Drugge - POLI 422A [22 Aug 2012|02:36pm]

Has anybody taken a course with Daniel Drugge? I'm currently enrolled in his POLI 422A class but I'm a bit hesitant about it as I really can't find any information about him aside from some PAIR reports that show he grades somewhat harder than average. The course looks interesting, though. Seeing as he taught a class this summer and the summer before, I figured I'd try my luck here: can anybody comment on him?

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Geoffrey Winthrop Young [09 Aug 2012|01:50pm]

Has anyone recently take a course by Geoffrey Winthrop Young? Any feedback please.

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ENGL 301 CCM *FREE* [04 Aug 2012|07:49pm]

Hi guys,

If anyone is taking English 301 (Technical Writing) with Judy Brown, I'll give you the Custom Course Package for free. I hardly used it and I just wanted to help another student out. I can meet up with you at the UBC Vancouver campus.

I'm also selling The Concise Canadian Writer's Handbook - Messenger et al. for $25 and it's the one used in this course but other English courses might use it because it's authored by a few UBC profs.

Have a good weekend!
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